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In addition to my best selling book Women of the World Network Women, Money and the Energy of Life, I want more people to have access to FREE financial information that you will not see in one page like you’d see here. I put together these ebooks to help you with Defense Planning (protecting what you have) and Offense Planning (growing your assets) which together solidify your financial foundation.  

5 Check-ins To Secure Your Finances

5 quick and important considerations busy women and caregivers must make in their financial plan to secure their finances no matter what happens.

How To Have A Worry-Free Retirement

YES it is possible for you to have a worry free retirement no matter what the rollercoaster stock market or the inflation does. Read our ebook to find out how.

Recession Proofing Your Retirement

If you are in the retirement red zone, that is the 5 to 10 years before and after retiring. It is essential that you put some guardrails around your retirement income to avoid fast depletion especially in a down market.

How Much Is Your 401k Costing You?

The 401k plan is the number one form of retirement savings of 99% of Americans. But do you know its many drawbacks? You can plan a successful retirement but knowing everything there is to know. Download our free report.

Retirement Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how much you need to retire. It may surprise you to find out that you can retire with less.

Financial Checklist to help you after the loss of your loved one

Dealing with financial, insurance and estate documents after losing your spouse or loved one can be overwhelming. Let us make it easy on you with this checklist.

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