Looking for a meaningful career?

Why not start a business in Financial Services?

Are you unsatisfied with your current job, or your current income?

Are you wondering if there is a way you can work at your own terms, with the people you want to work with, and create the life you’ve always wanted?

Are you looking to get more out of life, make more more money while having more time to be with the people you love or do the things you dreamed of doing?

Are you looking for a nontoxic environment to be in, where people around you are supportive and rooting for your success?

Do you want to make an impact within your community and attain financial freedom so you can give more and change the lives of people around you?

I was you years ago. I was looking for something better, more meaningful and impactful. Even though I had a great job as a Physical Therapist, something was missing. I didn’t have time and financial freedom. I wasn’t fulfilling my life purpose.

Until someone invited me to take a look at starting a business in Financial Services.

I was skeptical, and to be honest, afraid.

I had no experience in any business, I only knew physical therapy and worked for someone else. I never worked for myself.

But if fear was the only thing that kept me from changing my life, I knew I had to be courageous. For my kids and their future. I can not live my life in fear. I cannot face my deathbed with regret. Regret that I was not brave enough to do what I had to do.

So I did it. And it changed my life.

And I now I invite you to do the same. Change your life. Live life on your own terms. Be courageous.

Book a call with me and let’s chat.

Looking for your second act?

If you are retired and looking for what’s next, or you are tired of doing the same thing after many years and want to branch off into something meaningful and impactful,I invite you to consider the financial services industry as your next move.

People want to live with dignity and security. They need income insurance, life insurance, retirement insurance, financial education and empowerment. Women need it more. Partner with me and join me in this crusade!

Contact Us

Phone: 707-653-0527

Email: sheilla.livewithdignity@gmail.com

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Protect your tomorrow.

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