So How Did A Physical Therapist Become A Financial Service Professional?

My parents and I moved to the US in 2000. I was excited to start a career in Physical Therapy and build a life for myself that I can be proud of. As a Physical Therapist, I learned the many nuances of health care and health insurance coverage. My patients taught me a lot, among them was that illness does not discriminate among social status, wealth, age, gender, timing, etc and it can be financially devastating.

Being an immigrant who wants to have a good life in America, I have always been interested in how to manage money, and the different ways to build assets. I met my husband, got married, had my daughter, and with the 2008 market recession and the investment losses we’ve had, I took a hard look at our family finances. I know I had to be knowledgeable in order to make the right decisions for our family moving forward and not repeat the mistakes I made. So I made it a priority to learn financial concepts, vehicles and investments. But my biggest concern was making sure my family will not suffer financially if something were to happen to me or my husband. I have seen patients even in their 30s suffer an unexpected long term illness or disability which significantly lowered their quality of life and financial disposition. I knew it would help to be prepared so I made it my goal to save as much as I can, which meant taking additional work outside of my main job as a home health PT. This led to tremendous stress and the loss of two pregnancies. I was undoubtedly at the lowest point in my life.

After the loss of my 24-week-old Liezl, I took a break and thought long and hard about how I wanted to live my life. With another baby on the way, I wanted to have the freedom from financial worries but also the time to take care of myself and my family. In other words, Time and Financial Freedom. I wondered if it was possible to have both.

God answered my prayers when I found out about the living benefits that will pay out a lump sum from the policy in a diagnosis of a severe illness like cancer, heart attack, stroke, and many more. I learned about real clients getting checks in hundreds of thousands of dollars from their policy upon a diagnosis. And I learned about their program for helping people build a business as independent agents. I found that not only that it gave me the solutions I was looking for, but it also allowed me to help other women who need them. And so I began my rewarding journey as a licensed agent, and I’m honored to serve clients gained through word or mouth referrals, all over the nation.

What you will get from working with me

My mission is to help divorced women, widows, moms and daughters of parents with caregiving needs, to be financially confident and equipped with knowledge and a plan for addressing life’s what ifs like: What if I get sick, how will I pay my bills? What if I die too soon, how will my loved ones get by? What if I live a long life, will I run out of money?

Women have a unique disadvantage when in comes to asset accumulation brought on by lower wages, time off from work due to family caregiving obligations, and lost company promotion opportunities. Their lower assets have to last a longer lifespan than men.

I am in many ways like you and have navigated this path: I care for my dad and two kids, while juggling work and my business. I’ve struggled and came out on the other side. And now I want to help you. My experiences in the financial space and my background in healthcare have been a valuable resource for my clients. I am an avid learner and always seek to improve my own knowledge and skills. I have built a network around me of other professionals I can seek for advise, or refer clients to if it is outside of my scope.

My life experience and past struggles have made me a tenacious problem solver. I work with my clients so they can arrive at the other side of their financial worry and I won’t stop until they do.

I understand busy moms’ schedules and have flexibility to meet early or late on weekdays and weekends. Just send me adirect message on my phone of your preferred times.

I believe God intended us to live our life fruitfully so we can be of benefit to one another, to build a bright future for the future generations. So when I work with clients, I help them with long term care, longevity and legacy planning.

I know that there are many other agents you can choose from so I am humbled that you chose to work with me. I value you and those who matter most to you, and approach your concerns with the utmost respect and care. I know what it’s like to stay awake at night with worry, so my goal is to provide you with solid, reliable solutions so you can sleep peacefully at night and live with dignity, ease and grace for as long a life as the good Lord will give you!

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