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Are you tired of feeling insecure,  or clueless about financial matters?

Would you like to learn how to have a secure financial future no matter what happens to you or your partner (e.g. illness, death, divorce)?

“Women, on average, are expected to live 5 years longer than men, but accumulate over $100,000 less wealth.” Stanford Center on Longevity

The gender wage gap, time spent outside of the workforce in order to provide care to children or other family members and lower lifetime savings are common reasons. Women’s assets come up short but have to last a longer lifespan than men. This is huge problem.

I know how busy women can be. So much so that many of us let our spouses handle the financial planning for us. But are they aware of the problem above? Okay, let’s say they are, and are doing a great job, we never know when things can turn for the worse. An illness, death, or divorce, can suddenly put you in the driver's seat of your finances and when that happens you want to be prepared.

It’s time for you to be PROACTIVE about your financial future! Grow your confidence in making important financial decisions that can impact the rest of your life.  I’ve created an ebook outlining 5 essential check-ins so you can design a life of dignity, ease and grace with the people who matter most, while accommodating your busy lifestyle.  Download my FREE ebook below so you can check off what you are missing in your financial plan.

HI! I’m Sheilla Vidal, a Physical Therapist/Financial Strategist/ Insurance Professional and Best Selling Co-Author of International Best Seller Women, Money and the Energy of Life, stories of 14 women from 10 countries about moving from struggle to wealth, recognition of self worth and acceptance that women and money do align to achieve success and abundance in life. I provide simple, yet powerful solutions so busy women and caregivers can be confident about their financial plan and ensure they and those who matter most are taken care of, no matter what happens.

“I am so very happy with the outcome of my meetings with Sheilla. She listened to what I wanted to do, examined what I already had and then put a plan together for me. The outcome was far better then what I had. She reduced my monthly premium. She reduced the total amount of time I would need to pay my premium and she increased the face value of my policy by more than $100,000! And she did all of this by working with my extra out of control life!!! I highly recommend Sheilla, let her help you solve your long term care and life insurance needs.” - P.F.

“Sheilla is great at helping people because she loves what she does. She continues to help me in making sure that I’m taken care of when it comes to providing customer service or being a business advocate. From my experience, she will go out of her way to help even with minor issues. If you aren’t sure about your life insurance needs, then go contact Sheilla today! You’ll be glad you did!” -JD

It's more than Financial Planning. It's Dignity Planning

If you are seriously ill and can’t work, it’s hard to focus on getting better when you are financially stressed. I help you plan to ensure you live with dignity no matter what happens. That means:

  • Being able to focus on getting better because money is not an issue

  • Being able to live comfortably and pay your mortgage even if you're sick and can’t work

  • Being able to take care of your sick family member because you can afford not to work

  • Being able to afford the best care even when not covered by health insurance

  • Living a quality of life until your last days

  • Continuing to take care of the people who matter most even you no longer can

“What if I live a long time, how do I make sure I don’t run out of money in after I retire?”

There are many factors that can deplete your savings: taxes, market downturns, fees, inflation, life events like long term illness, divorce, death of a loved one or business partner. The US experiences a recessionary period every seven years on average. That's a lot of market downturns in a lifetime! I help you minimize the effects of all of these through defensive financial planning strategies.I’m able to serve all 50 states.

What financial problems are keeping you up at night?

Women and the Sandwich Generation

Women often find themselves providing free caregiving to others- be it their children, spouse, elderly parents, or grandchildren at different stages of their life. This has limited their ability to work, to accept job promotions and to save more for retirement. Women are responsible for managing finances on their own at some point due to a divorce or death of a partner.

Women live longer than men and need to make sure their savings will last if they live until 90, 95 or 100 years old. Planning is crucial. Their savings need to work harder and smarter through a plan that takes into account rising costs, especially of long term care, while providing an income that will last throughout their life. It’s not too late to start. The key is getting started!

Every Business Needs a Succession Plan

If you want your business to go on after you are gone or decide to retire, proper planning is essential. This is where a sound business succession plan as well as estate plan comes in. You worked hard to build your legacy, your business, and would want the person of your choosing to run it when you are no longer able to work due to an illness, disability, retirement, or sudden death. Contact me for more information and guidance specific to your unique situation and needs.

My Dignity Plan Focuses on 3 Ls: Longevity, Long Term Care, Legacy

With a well designed Dignity Plan we can navigate life more successfully, enjoy life fully, and leave a sound legacy for the future generation.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, it’s never too late!

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